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IBILTA began as a conversation between faculty at block and intensive-based institutions in Australia, North America and China. Although geographically disparate we found ourselves on similar journeys in terms of pedagogy, experience, discoveries and issues. As the conversation grew, so did the desire to reach out to others treading the same path by seeking to: 

  1. advance scholarship and practice in block and intensive-mode pedagogy, education and research;

  2. share and disseminate block and intensive-mode education knowledge and practice;

  3. build networks and promote greater collaboration between the association's Members and its various stakeholders and alliance partners.

Annual Membership

To join the IBILTA group, the annual fee is 

$100 USD or $130 AUD

For USD payment use the PayPal Buy Now button below

For Australian dollar payment,
pay $130 AUD directly with a bank transfer  - Bendigo Bank
BSB:  633 000
Account Number: 183 660 562


Meet Our Committee

Associate Professor
John Weldon

Dr Traci Freeman

Roman Fida LLB

Associate Professor Thomas Yeager





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