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Projects, collaborations, exchanges, etc

One of the key IBILTA drivers is the desire to collaborate, to share ideas and to work on solving common problems. We currently have groups working on:

  • How to teach STEM on the Block: Dom Caridi from Victoria University is leading a group exploring the unique challenges involved in the teaching of STEM in condensed formats. Email Dom to find out  how you can get involved.

  • Inclusivity: The Embracing Global Diversity Workshop was a collaboration led by Loretta Konjarski (VU), with colleagues Katie McCrae (UWM), Michelle Andersen (UWM), Janet Young (VU) and Michelle Prawer (VU).

Together the team worked to develop a one hour zoom workshop where students from VU and UMW came together to discuss and explore Inclusion and Diversity from each country's perspective.  

The aims of the workshop were to:

  • Introduce  students to peers from across the world, their culture, living conditions and issues

  • Explore three diversity topics that are common to both groups and identify commonalities and differences

  • Examine future focused solutions and directions for the three diversity topics

  • The workshop was a success with many students enjoying the 1ession and giving great feedback. There are plans to run the session again in the future.

  • Exchanges: Christian Gilde from Montana Western University and Alan McWilliams from Victoria University have collaborated on a program of virtual exchange, teaching into and observing each classes and creating common learning experiences for their cohorts. Find out more about this from Alan and Christian

What projects are you interested in working on? Let us know:

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