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IBILTA will run a series of members only workshops and thought leader events each year.  We invite members to suggest ideas and theme for these workshops.

Thought Leader # 1:
Whole Lotta Content

Friday 7 October 2022

How much content do you really need in that unit and why? I bet it's less than you think.

Thought Leader # 2:
I'm new to the block what do I do?
Friday 4 November 2022

Everyone faculty member has a first block.  How best to prepare for yours.

Thought Leader # 3:
How intense can intensive get?
December 2 2022

If you can do it in four weeks, can you do it in three, or two. Could you do it in a day? How intense is too intense?

Thought Leader # 4:
Collaborating Across Borders
Friday Feb 4 2023

Thinking of linking internationally?  Virtually? In real Life? Not sure? 

Bring your ideas.

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